Silobot℠ Inspection Service

Astec Silobot at work

SilobotSM Inspection Service:

A safer, faster and more convenient way to inspect silos.

Traditional silo inspections are costly, time-consuming and risky, but failure to regularly inspect silo interiors could result in costly repairs or even catastrophic failure.

Using the Astec Silobot robot, a trained inspection technician stays safely outside of the silo while performing a thorough inspection of the silo interior. A silobot inspection takes less than two hours to fully inspect all silo welds, while a traditional inspection takes much longer to only inspect the bottom third. With regular inspections, you can perform preventative maintenance that extends silo life.

Following the inspection, you will be presented immediately with the video captured by the Silobot inspection device. That same video will also be used to produce a detailed report including any recommendations for repairs and maintenance.

To schedule inspection, contact:

Alex Harrison
SiloBot Coordinator

Office: 423.867.4210


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