Astec Accu-Swipe logo
Astec Accu-Swipe illustration showing how it works

Photograph of the Astec Accu-Swipe belt sampling system

The Accu-Swipe by Astec lets you take a full cross-sectional sample of aggregate from the conveyor belt without having to stop the belt. The Accu-Swipe makes it unnecessary to dedicate personnel for sample removal, and it allows the production process to run non-stop.

The Accu-Swipe can be retrofitted to virtually any conveyor and collects a complete cross-sectional sample of aggregate from the moving conveyor belt in less than one second.

In combination with an Automatic Gradiation Unit (AGU), the sample can be routed directly from the belt to the (AGU) for immediate analysis. The operator can set the intervals at which samples are taken and tested. This automatic system gives you real-time quality control of your aggregate.

The pneumatically operated Accu-Swipe can be run manually or fully automatic. It runs on 110 volt, single phase current.


  • Base Machine
  • Divider/Cutter Assembly
  • Contour Support Idlers At Point Of Sweep
  • Operating Sensors and Junction Box (NEMA 4X)