Special Projects

Astec's experience in building asphalt equipment led the company to produce a wide variety of process plants for the construction industry. These portable and stationary facilities are expertly engineered with the operator in mind. They are simple to operate, easy to maintain, and built to be durable and reliable. Astec also provides service and parts for these plants.

  • RAP/Shingle Processing Plants

    With Astec's processing plants producers can economically handle reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). RAP is produced when old road surfaces are milled up to make room for new pavement. The reclaimed chunks are crushed and sized and replace virgin materials dollar for dollar in new mixes. Old shingles contain large amounts of fine aggregate and asphalt and are shredded before use. The processing plant is skid-mounted for easy erection and can process 200 tons of RAP and 50 tons of roofing shingles per hour.

  • Barite Grinding Facilities

    This facility handles it all - from grinding and blending to storage and packaging. Astec supplies belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators and drag conveyors to move materials through the plant. We also provide long-wearing grinding systems, rotary kiln dryers, dust control systems and storage facilities for the minerals. Astec supplies the entire facility package, and contractors no longer have to worry with fitting different pieces of equipment from different manufacturers.

  • Stabilized Base Mixing Plants

    Astec's stabilized base mixing plants feature computer systems to control the production process from beginning to end. Plants have working capacities up to 600 tons per hour. They are easy to move, easy to erect and simple to operate. Each plant includes a computer controlled cold feed system, a powerful pugmill and a storage silo. The system allows changes in mix design without a complete material shut down.