Fury™ Burners

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A robust build and simple, accessible construction makes the Astec Fury burner a great cost-effective choice. Compared to other open-fired designs, the Fury burner achieves better emissions and fuel efficiency by putting 50% more combustion air through the burner.

  • The simple and accessible construction makes burner maintenance easy; while it’s rugged build keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.
  • The compact flame enables the Fury burner to work with virtually all drum designs.


Rapidly swirling, high-energy air is the key to the Fury burner’s efficient combustion. The swirling air and flame are created by the fixed internal spin vanes, high-pressure blower, and high velocity nose.

Compact Flame Shape

The Fury burner cleanly and efficiently burns oil or gas. Its compact flame makes it compatible with virtually all drum designs without complicated drum modifications.

Better Emissions

The Astec Fury burner is designed to put 50% more combustion air through the burner than competitive designs with the balance of the combustion air drafted in around the burner nose. This means higher combustion quality, better emissions, and higher combustion efficiency throughout the entire firing range.

No Compressed Air

The Astec designed pre-filming fuel nozzle uses the combustion air from the high-pressure blower to atomize fuel. This eliminates the need for compressed air at the burner, and helps increase nozzle life.


Each burner is thoroughly tested before leaving the Astec burner facility to make start-up at your facility as fast as possible. For the most reliable oil light-off, even under cold and harsh conditions, the Fury burner is supplied with Astec’s exclusive heat tracing and insulation system on heavy oil burners.

Burner Manuals & Performance Data Sheets

Operation and Service Manuals

Send an email to manuals.jerome@astecindustries.com to request an Operation and Service Manual for all Astec burners. Please include the job number and burner model number in your request.

Burner Performance Data Sheets

Send an email to burners.jerome@astecindustries.com to request all burner performance data sheets. Please include the job number and burner model number in your request.


Model Rated Capacity Millions of BTU/HR
(with 20% XSA)
Nominal Aggregate Drying Capacity TPH
(at 5% moisture)
Burner Air Capacity SCFH
Integral Blower Horsepower
Above conditions are standard at 75° F at sea level. See detailed capacity, performance sheets for each size for more information and specific flows and pressures. Nominal aggregate drying capacity based on typical exhaust stack temperatures of 240° F, 0.2 BTU/Lbm F specific heat in the aggregate. Burner maximum design capacity is 100% of rated capacity. Advertised numbers are achievable in some conditions, but not guaranteed.
F3-25 25 100 0.18 30
F3-35 35 140 0.25 40
F3-50 50 200 0.36 50
F3-75 75 300 0.54 75
F3-100 100 400 0.72 100