WM2000 Truck Management System

Astec's state-of-the-art truck management system supports up to six scales that can be any mix of platform, back weigh or weigh batcher. The WM2000 can be retrofitted to virtually any facility and supports data transfer back to accounting, even from remote locations.

Monitor showing the WM2000 truck management system software

Designed to provide accuracy and control.

No truck management system offers more than the Astec WM2000. The extensive list of standard interfaces gives you the option of configure your WM2000 for electronic signature capture, remote ticket printing, approach and depart traffic lights and more. Networking capabilities allow you to simplify bookkeeping by eliminating the need to duplicate entries. WM2000 can easily be retrofitted for virtually any facility. And like all Astec components, the WM2000 is backed by unparalleled Astec customer service.


  • Capacity for 5 silos over a truck scale
  • Networking capabilities
  • Built-in reports with sorting capabilities:
    • Custom reports capabilities
    • Supports Crystal Reports
    • Interface with accounting software
  • Interface to a wide range of scale devices
  • Profibus capable devices:
    • Mettler-Toledo
    • Rice Lake®
    • Hardy
    • Weightronix


  • Serial output devices
  • ADS database server
  • Dot Matrix printer
  • Scale indicator
  • Color report printer
  • Software
  • Console
  • Junction box
  • Personal computer
  • Windows® operating system
  • Removable hard drive
  • Backup hard drive
  • Ethernet data port
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) maintains power on computer after loss of electrical power to enable orderly shutdown of the system
Manual control panel for the WM2000 Truck Management System
Optional manual control panel for WM2000-PB truck management system.


  • 5 additional scales (6 total) can be a combination of weigh batching, back weigh, or platform scale (up to 5 silos over each platform scale)
  • Remote ticket printer
  • Remote loadout
  • RF tag I.D.


  • Office server
  • Electronic transmission of ticket transactions to email, pager or cell phone
  • Weigh master signature pad
  • Kiosk truck signature pad
  • Advantage database 2, 5,10 user licenses - A Division of Sybase, Inc.

 For your peace-of-mind, Astec stands by the WM2000 by providing emergency support that’s just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Specifications subject to change with or without notice.