PMIII Continuous Mix Blending Control

PMIII is the next generation of hot mix asphalt controls. Facility operation has never been easier, faster or more accurate than with this new, ‘hard-PLC’ based control. Expandable and retractable to suit your specific needs, PMIII puts the best of our time-tested software, along with new developments, into the most cutting edge industry hardware.

Monitor showing the PMII-B continuous mix blending controls software

The complete solution for HMA facility control.

Astec brings you the most powerful, user-friendly control system to date by combining the finest industrial hardware components with a Windows operating platform. Ideal for both new installations and retrofits, the PMIII eliminates traditional consoles and allows monitoring and control of all plant functions from an industrial grade PC. The PMIII is also compatible with DASH, our new data acquisition system, bringing live plant data to your fingertips, wherever you are.

MPIII Blending Controls

  • 8 Virgin aggregate VFD bins
  • Virgin Aggregate Scale
  • 2 recycle bin over 1 recycle belt scale
  • 2 mineral filler (volumetric or gravimetric)
  • 1 Additive
  • 1 Asphalt metering system (temperature compensated)
  • Calibration for all scales, pumps and feeders: operator selectable automatic feeder calibration multiple material calibration for bins
  • Unlimited mix design stored on hard disk drive
  • Material mix design tolerances
  • Material mix start/stop timing
  • Communicates material inventories and mix formulas with Astec “WM2000” (WM2000 sold separately)

BCIII Burner Controls

  • Commands and monitoring of flame safeguard device
  • Controls burner position via “burner profiles” with individual settings for:
    • Combustion Air
    • Controls multiple fuels
    • Controls to operator selectable
    • Final mix temperature
    • Aggregate temperature
    • Baghouse inlet temperature
    • Temperature trending


  • Text message and logging of all system errors
  • Audible alerts for key system errors

Baghouse Controls

  • Controls pressure drop by automatically adjusting pulse cycle depending on monitored pressure drop

SCIII Silo Controls

  • 3 silos over 1 truck scale
  • Silo charging
  • Level indication
  • Inventory indication (when used with Astec WM2000)
  • Silo discharge
  • Silo cone heat
  • Mix storage
  • Traverse conveyor(s)
  • Drag conveyor(s)
  • Third party communication

MCIII Motor Controls

  • Start/stop controls for each motor
  • Handles all interlocking and sequential starting
  • Midstream start/stop and Plant E-Stop
  • Optional current monitoring

Package Includes

  • Industrial PC
  • Console
  • Junction box
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) maintains power on computer after loss of electrical power to enable orderly shutdown of the system
Control panels for the PMIII continuous mix blending controls


  • WM2000 Truck Loadout and Management System
  • Smart tank farm
  • Additional virgin aggregate bins (up to 16)
  • Recycle Bins (up to 4)


  • Mineral filler [lime] (up to 4)
  • Weigh batchers (up to 5)
  • Additional silos (up to 10 over 2 scales)

 For your peace-of-mind, Astec stands by the PMIII by providing emergency support that's just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Specifications subject to change with or without notice.