Six Pack® Portable Asphalt Plants

The Six Pack Asphalt Plant Sets the Standard for Portability and Productivity.

With its 1983 introduction, the Astec Six Pack plant started a revolution in the asphalt pavement industry as the first truly portable asphalt mixing plant available to producers. Since then, it has been established as a superior portable asphalt plant.

The standard setup comes with the drum mixer, cold feed, scalping screen (with inclined conveyor), baghouse, surge bin, drag conveyor and control house. The baghouse load also holds the inertial dust collector. One load handles the SEB and drag conveyor. All ship with ductwork, dust screws, electrical switch gear, cables, and plant controls. Astec also supplies RAP bins, fuel tanks, lime mixers and AC tanks.

There are a wide range of options on these compact, maneuverable plants. With a team of experienced engineers and in-house technicians, Astec has the knowledge and the expertise to help you make the appropriate selections to meet your requirements.

Six Pack

The Astec portable Six Pack can be relocated in three days
  • Generate Fast Profits

    How much more mix could you make during the season if you were up and running within three days after changing job sites? Increased uptime, combined with low moving costs, creates the opportunity for increased asphalt plant profits with the Six Pack plant. Each standard equipment load is designed for ease of setup. Astec estimates that moving a Six Pack plant costs only about one tenth of what it costs to move a traditional crane-erected plant.

  • Relocate Quickly

    The Astec Six Pack plant is built to move. Each standard equipment load is engineered for hassle-free transport and a quick, easy setup at the site. The Six Pack plant requires minimal work to prepare for moving and is less cumbersome to tow over highways. Long loads, such as the SEB, are equipped with special high-lift axles to easily handle differences in pavement height.

  • Handles The Road With Ease

    Astec portable equipment comes with air bag suspensions that protect components from damage caused by rough rides on the highway. The system automatically adjusts for the smoothest ride and allows height adjustments for bridge and ground clearances. Using the air bags to pre-level loads before lowering the foundations helps speed setup. Compare Astec suspensions to others. No one else gives you a system of such quality.

Six Pack

The Astec Six Pack asphalt mixing plant can be set up and operational in very little time. Optional powerful hydraulic cylinders maneuver components into position for operating. Crank down foundation pads, instead of timbers, reduce the work required to set up and begin operations. Optional hydraulic cylinders operate the drag into position for ultimate portability.

The Astec portable Six Pack provides quick setup and operation

Pre-Assembly Saves Time

Pre-assembly significantly reduces the number of hours it takes for setup. Most ladders, stairs, platforms and handrails are shipped in place. Bulkheads are pre-installed. Pre-piping and pre-wiring done during manufacturing cuts many hours of work every time you move. Factory-installed baghouse filter bags with cages save your people from the cumbersome, time-consuming chore of installing this system themselves. Other conveniences include the scalping screen pre-installed on the inclined conveyor and the mounted and pre-wired operating consoles in the control house.

The Six Pack foundations are built-in reducing setup time

Compare Our Foundations

Foundations ship in place and are quickly lowered to support the equipment on compacted soil. The built-in, retractable steel foundations significantly reduce the work required to set up or break down a Six Pack asphalt mixing plant. Even the best foundations on competitive equipment are usually crude and difficult to adjust and often require use of timbers for leveling and to increase the load bearing surface. You'll never have those problems with the Six Pack asphalt mixing plant.

Cable Trays Are Easy To Handle

The Six Pack plant locates the main power panel and the junction box for control house wiring in the middle of the plant. This central location for the panels keeps cable runs short. The tray-rated cables with quick disconnects make for fast electrical hook-up and quick packing when moving to another site. Cable trays are fitted to each load, keeping cables organized and off the ground.

Pre-Wiring Keeps The Plant Neat

All of the motors and electrical components come pre-wired from the factory. The baghouse exhaust fan, screws and air compressor arrive wired directly to the main power panel.

The drag conveyor motor wiring runs in conduit to the main power panel. Wiring to cold feed, RAP system, heaters and tanks is routed from the main power panel to a panel on each component. Cables simply plug into those panels. The power panels* are sealed and dust-tight. Control wiring for the cold feed bins and the burner require only a short cable to the junction box on the surge bin frame. These connections are also plug-in type. The control house is pre-wired in conduit to the junction box. Cable trays neatly keep power and control cables off the ground.
*All panels are rated NEMA 3R

Easy Elevating, Leveling & Stabilizing

Once they are positioned, all Astec units are pre-leveled using their air bag suspensions. Crank-down landing gear supports the loads after unhooking from the tractor and before lowering the steel foundations. Final elevating and leveling is done with built-in mechanical (or optional hydraulic) jacks. Astec ductwork and piping even allows for small alignment variations. With proper soil conditions, shims or concrete foundations are not required for any part of the Six Pack plant.

Six Pack

Only Astec offers three exclusive mixing systems. The Six Pack drum load includes the burner, burner platform, inlet breaching and the duct transition to the primary collector. Plate foundations support the load. Built-in jacks make final leveling adjustments easy, so the Six Pack plant can start running sooner.

  • Astec portable Double Barrel

    Learn More

    The Double Barrel®
    Dryer/Drum Mixer

    • Can process mix with up to 50% RAP*
    • Capacities from 200 to 400 TPH
    • Patented v-flights
    • Unique design uses the entire outer drum for processing RAP
    • Self-cleaning design reduces buildup in the mixing chamber
    • Optional Astec warm mix and V-Pac™ systems available
  • Astec portable Double Barrel X

    Learn More

    The Double Barrel® X™
    Dryer/Drum Mixer

    • Can process asphalt mixes with up to 50% RAP* while maintaining zero opacity at the stack.
    • Capacities from 200 to 600 TPH
    • Patented v-flights
    • Employs preconditioning outer chamber on the drum and an external mixer
    • Liquid AC enters at the external mixing chamber
    • Optional Astec warm mix and V-Pac™ systems available
  • Astec portable UniDrum

    Learn More

    The UniDrum®
    Dryer/Drum Mixer

    • Can process mix with up to 50% RAP* with addition of the patented V-Pac™ system
    • Counterflow style drum
    • Capacities from 300 to 500 TPH
    • Patented v-flights
    • Single-point trunnion alignment saves time and ensures proper equipment operation
    • Optional Astec warm mix and V-Pac™ systems available

Six Pack

Astec offers the most technologically advanced burners in the industry. The Astec burner group engineers burners to customer specification and manufactures each in a state-of-the-art facility. Long and short-nose configurations available.

  • The Astec Phoenix Talon II Burner

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    Phoenix® Talon II™

    • Total-Air Burner
    • Oil, Natural Gas, or Propane Compatible
    • 200 to 600 TPH
      Nominal aggregate drying capacity
    • Lean burn premix
    • Ultra Low Electrical Input
    • Ultra Low Noise
  • The Astec Phoenix Phantom Burner

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    Phoenix® Phantom™

    • Total-Air Burner
    • Natural Gas or Propane Compatible
    • 300 to 600 TPH
      Nominal aggregate drying capacity
    • Lean burn premix
    • Ultra Low NOx for Extreme Emission Requirements

  • Learn More

    Whisper Jet®

    • Total-Air Burner
    • Oil, Natural Gas, or Propane Compatible
    • 200 to 600 TPH
      Nominal aggregate drying capacity
    • Patented castellated nose, ring and nozzle
    • Industry Workhorse Burner
  • The Astec Fury Burner

    Learn More


    • Open-Fired Burner
    • Oil or Natural Gas Compatible
    • 100 to 400 TPH
      Nominal aggregate drying capacity

Six Pack

Choose the load-out solution best for your operation. Self-erect designs combine several operations into a single unit: conveying, batching, surging, truck weighing and loading.

  • Astec Self-Erect Bin (SEB)

    Self-Erect Bin (SEB)

    The highly portable Self-Erecting Bin (SEB) self-erects in less than 15 minutes. The super functional SEB package reduces the number of loads by combining several operations into a single unit: drag conveying, batching, surge, truck loading and weighing.

    A thick, steel truck loading platform is part of the frame (competing bins usually need expensive concrete foundations). The SEB includes a drag by-pass chute with a built-in bulkhead. Two large hydraulic cylinders raise the SEB into position.

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  • Astec Self-Erecting Bin
    Astec load cells

    Load Cells

    The NTEP certified under slung load cell mounts provide accurate and reliable weighing and load-out performance. The under slung mounting feature ensures precise and stable bin positioning to achieve easy calibration and steady scale response.
    Astec SEB batcher


    A four-ton (3.6 metric ton) batcher is installed at the top end of the Astec SEB's drag conveyor. It collects the mix discharged from the drag conveyor. Segregation is minimized by dropping full batcher loads into the surge bin.

Self-Erect Silo (SES)

The Self-Erect Silo (SES) can be set up and leveled in about 2.25 hours from the moment the truck is unhooked. The only additional equipment required for setup is a front-end loader. Most actions are accomplished through hydraulics integrated in the unit and pumped for instant operation. The silo, drag, reject chute and leveling system are all run by the onboard hydraulic unit.

To gain higher ground clearance for movement on uneven surfaces, the SES frame can be hydraulically raised to add spacer blocks in axles.

The drag transports on the silo load for easy travel. A batcher atop the drag collects finished mix before depositing it in the self-erect silo.

Astec self-erect silo

Six Pack

Only Astec provides a choice of two distinct baghouse styles. The baghouse load contains all necessary ducting. Slip joints compensate for differences in component alignment to make setup easy.

  • Astec Portable Express Pulse Jet Baghouse Learn More

    Portable Express Pulse Jet Baghouse

    With pulse jet cleaning, no bags have to be taken out of service for cleaning. During the cleaning mode, blowpipes direct bursts of compressed air into two rows of bags at a time. The shock and momentary back-flow produced by the compressed air pulse causes the bags in the section to expand, expelling the collected dust from the surface and allowing it to drop into the hopper.

    Two low profile hoppers lower the baghouse profile and allow it to pass under power lines, bridges and overpasses without any trouble. The unit is supplied complete with exhaust fan, stack, and duct. The Express Baghouse is provided with an inertial dust collector. A separate cyclone is available as an option.

  • Astec Portable Reverse Pulse Baghouse Learn More

    Portable Reverse Pulse Baghouse

    Reverse pulse baghouses utilize a damper and a rotating turret to force air directly into the bag filters opposite the normal flow direction. Cleaning is accomplished by isolating a single section of filter bags then reversing the flow of air through them causing gentle expansion. Accumulated dust dislodges from the bag filters and drops into the hopper beneath. Cleaning sequence and timing is adjustable from the control house.

    The low-profile portable reverse pulse baghouse is built on a heavy-duty, tri-axle frame with operating components already pre-mounted for easy placement. This single load system is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

  • Inside an Astec baghouse showing fabric filter bags
  • Astec baghouse side access door
  • Astec baghouse top access doors

Six Pack

Components of the Six Pack are designed to move as complete and separate loads ensuring easy transportation to the job site.

  • Astec Portable Cold Feed Unit Learn More

    Portable Cold Feed Unit

    Pull the cold feed into position at the site. Lower the thick tubular steel foundations into place to support the portable cold feed unit. All belt feeders and the collecting conveyor are included. The inclined end of the collecting conveyor discharges onto a transfer conveyor feeding screen. Built-in, hinged bulkheads swing into operating position in minutes. Pre-installed, optional bin partitions and grizzlies fold down for transport.

  • Astec portable RAP bins Learn More

    Portable RAP Bins

    The portable RAP system includes everything for metering recycled material into the mix. The system includes belt feeders, collecting conveyor with weigh bridge, scalping screen, inclined conveyor to the drum, and up to four bins. The foundation plates are lowered into position and the conveyor is raised hydraulically. Just like the cold feed unit, the RAP system is equipped with built-in tubular steel foundations and bulkheads.

  • Astec portable incline conveyors

    Virgin Inclined Conveyor/Screen

    This unit comes with the transfer conveyor to screen, scalping screen and weigh bridge, all mounted on a single load. Hydraulics raise the conveyor, screen and chutes into operating position. The screen is isolated from the conveyor and weigh bridge to ensure accurate readings for the weigh bridge.

  • Astec portable control centers Learn More

    Portable Control Center

    Astec control centers are designed to meet the building requirements of each state and the frame can be picked up by crane without danger of warpage due to all-steel welded construction. Control centers are furnished with central heat and air, insulated floors, walls and ceilings. Acoustic ceiling tiles reduce noise in the house. Tinted windows and fluorescent overhead lighting provide superior visibility. A built-in ticket window is standard. Provides an excellent plant control environment and surveillance capabilities with convenience and comfort.

Six Pack

The Astec Six Pack asphalt mixing plant has a variety of options for configuring a plant to best match up to the requirements of any operation.

  • Astec portable additive systems

    Additive Systems

    The Astec portable additive silo is a mobile solution for adding lime to mixes or storing baghouse fines. Systems with or without slurry systems come on a self-supporting frame and include a screw conveyor and metering device. Choose an optional hydraulic system to erect the silo easily.

    Astec warm mix system

    Warm Mix Systems Learn More

    The patented Astec warm mix system saves energy, eliminates smoke and emissions, and improves compaction without compromising mix quality.

    The Astec warm mix system injects a small amount of water into the liquid AC to create microscopic steam bubbles, which reduce the viscosity of the liquid AC without the need for additives or special asphalt cement.

    Astec Additive Systems

    V-Pac™ Learn More

    Stack Temperature Control System

    The patented V-Pac stack temperature control system uses v-flights and a drum VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) to help facilitate producing many different types of mix, while controlling stack temperature, without the added cost and time of drum flight changes.

    Heatec Heli-Tanks

    Heatec Tanks

    Optional portable style Heatec Heli-Tank™ units combine a hot oil heater with a heated asphalt storage tank. Each fully insulated unit has serpentine heating coils. Liquid asphalt in the tank is heated by hot oil flowing through the coils. Numerous options are available.

  • Astec storage silos Learn More


    Expand storage capabilities with the addition of relocatable long-term storage silos silos. Start each day with silos full of mix. Astec silos are guaranteed to stor mix for up to four days.*
    *polymer modified, open-graded, and SMA mixes excluded

    Silo Capacity

    Capacities are based on 120 lbs/cu.ft. for mix (1.92 metric tons / cu. meter)
    TONS 100 150 200 250 300
    METRIC TONS 91 136 181 227 272

* at 5% moisture content

U.S. Patent No. 9,835,374