BG Series Modular Batch Plants

Not Available In The United States

Astec BG Series Modular Batch Plants

Originating from years of experience in the asphalt mixing field, the Astec BG series of modular batch plants promises sound performance paired with exceptional technology. The modular design of this compact plant assures setup ease and accommodates upgrades as your operation grows.

  • Modular Design
  • Easy Set Up
  • Minimal Civil Works
  • Recycling 0-70%*
  • Evolution Ready
  • Wide Options

*with additional drum options not shown


The modularity of the BG series of batch plants delivers speed in erection and re-location. The simplified design allows plant setup in a compact area.

A modular design enables fast setup without dealing with ducts or a large number of interfaces.

Model BG 1800 Series shown - click for size chart below

Compact & Easy To Set-up


BG Series Assembly

BG Series Batch asphalt plant assembly

BG Series Assembled Condition

Cold Feed

Setup of the cold feed bins is accomplished with minimal investment of time and money due to the modular, ready-to-launch design with optional bulkheads.

Ensure easy operation with variable speed drives, no-flow sensors, a grizzly for removal of oversize material and protection mesh on top of the feeders.

Astec cold feed bins are designed with steep walls and a self-relieving bottom to encourage smooth material flow.

For added strength, the top edges of the bins are formed into channels.

All systems can accommodate options such as grizzly bars.

Counter Flow Dryer Drum

The powerful, well-balanced, high-efficiency drum is insulated and features Astec v-flights to enhance heat transfer into the aggregate. A single chassis supports the drying drum. The four-wheeled dryer drum drive is friction driven.

Conditioning Flights

Break up any clumps or sticky material when the aggregate first enters drum.


Provide greater uniformity of the aggregate veil through the gas stream during the drying process, across a wide variety of mix designs and tonnage rates.

Combustion Flights

Prevent aggregate from impinging on the flame while spreading the material to maximize radiant heat transfer.

Batch Control System

The main batch screen displays the entire batch tower with visual feedback for all processes. Ingredients not-in-use are grayed out while active channels display target and actual weights, fill levels, run command/status and material routing animations. Additionally, queued batches and an alarm log are included on the bottom of the screen.

Whisper Jet® 35 Burner

The Astec Whisper Jet total-air burner uses unique patented technology to burn cleanly and efficiently. A proven Astec design ensures best-in-class efficiency and performance. Pre-testing and wiring guarantees performance and delivery. Available in a variety of fuel firing combinations.

Hot Elevator

The hot elevator feeds the dried aggregate to the screens. Fully-enclosed, dust-proof housing protects the integrity of the dried aggregate. The aggregate is conveyed via steel buckets with reinforced edges. Wear resistant chain ensures a long service life while split sprockets reduce the time and effort required for maintenance.

Vibrating Screen

Driven by two vibrating motors, the multi-deck screening unit properly sorts aggregates into five different hot aggregate bins. A maintenance-free design eliminates the need for lubrication points, while an easy grid exchange system reduces the time and effort to change screens.

  • Multi-deck design
  • Linear trajectory
  • Five sizes + reject
  • Total screening area – 15 sq m
  • Sand screen – 3.5 sq m
  • Enclosed vibrator assisted

Twin Shaft Pugmill

Mixing takes place in a 1800 kg mixer with synchronized double shafts. Specially-alloyed cast iron components are highly resistant to abrasion. Specially-designed tips and shanks ensure a homogeneous mix within a short span of time. A full-length discharge gate driven by an electro-pneumatic jack allows fast and complete emptying of the mixer.


The modular reverse pulse baghouse is fitted directly over the dryer to eliminate ductwork. The baghouse utilizes two-stage filtration with a primary collector which separates coarse material from the gas stream and protects the bags from abrasion. The dust-laden gas then enters the baghouse where the dust collects on the heat-resistant meta aramid bags. Pneumatically operated cylinders clean bags a row at a time. Collected dust can be stored or returned to the mix.

Dust Hopper

Coarse particulates are collected in the pre-separator and transferred into the hot elevator to be screened and stored in the sand bin. Fine particulates are collected at the baghouse in a 15 tonne hopper and can be weighed in to the plant or rejected.

Recycle System

With the Astec BG 1800 Modular Batch Plant, Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) can be incorporated into mix via the dryer drum or through the mixer unit.

When added via the dryer drum, the RAP is added to the aggregate in the drum through a RAP collar.

When added via the mixer, RAP is fed into a surge hopper on the batching tower.

Rap Feeder Bins

  • Bin Size: 9 m3
  • Loading Width: 3.5 m
  • Conveyor Width: 500 mm
  • Variable Feed Drive: 1.5 kW
  • Feeder Capacity: up to 80 tph

Options for more than 50% up to 70%* RAP processing exist. Details on request.

*with additional drum options not shown

Hot Bins

Extra-large hot bins add an additional 30 tonnes of aggregate capacity.

Storage Silos

With the Astec BG 1800 Modular Batch Plant, storage options can be customized to fit your needs.

Short-term storage can be accomplished with 30-tonne capacity surge bins located under the mixer unit.

Another option is storage bins or silos beside the plant.

Foreign Filler Silo

Add a foreign filler silo to weigh and transport fillers into the mixer via a screw conveyor.

BG Series Range Details

Options Available
Model Variants > Standard Classic Premium
Type: Modular & Easily Transportable Batch Type Asphalt Plant
Installation: Plant supplied with steel base for erection without major civil works
BG 1800 Rated Capicty (t/h) 120 120 120+
  Batch size (kg) 1800 kgs 1800 kgs 2000 kgs
  Mixing capacity (t/h) 144 144 160
  Dryer Drum (dxl) 2m x 6.5m 2m x 6.5m 2m x 6.5m
  Hot elevator capacity (t/h) 140 140 140
  Hot aggregate bins 5 5 5
BG 2200 Rated Capicty (t/h) 160 160 160+
  Batch size (kg) 2200 kgs 2200 kgs 2400 kgs
  Mixing capacity (t/h) 160 180 192
  Dryer Drum (dxl) 2m x 8m 2m x 8m 2m x 8m
  Hot elevator capacity (t/h) 180 180 180
  Hot aggregate bins 5 5 5
BG 2400 Rated Capicty (t/h) 180 180 180+
  Batch size (kg) 2250 kgs 2400 kgs 2500 kgs
  Mixing capacity (t/h) 180 192 200
  Dryer Drum (dxl) 2m x 8m 2m x 8m 2m x 8m
  Hot elevator capacity (t/h) 180 180 180
  Hot aggregate bins 5 5 5
BG 2800 Rated Capicty (t/h) 200 200 200+
  Batch size (kg) 2500 kgs 2800 kgs 3000 kgs
  Mixing capacity (t/h) 200 224 240
  Dryer Drum (dxl) 2.2m x 8.5m 2.2m x 8.5m 2.2m x 8.5m
  Hot elevator capacity (t/h) 220 220 240
  Hot aggregate bins 6 6 6