Department Contacts

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Greg Renegar President
Tammy Lewis Assistant to the President
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Ph. (608) 326-4820 | Fax (608) 326-4962
Kim Graf General Manager

Sales: General & Administrative

Ph. (800) 251-6042 | Fax (423) 867-3570
Chris Frost Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Tony Schwab Vice President/General Manager - Dillman
Tom Baugh Vice President Sales, North America
Raji ElMawla Vice President Sales, International
Phil Hoffman Sales Manager, North America, West
Jack Priest Sales Manager, North America, East
Steve Pack Inside Sales Manager
Diane Hunt Administrative Assistant
Wendell Feltman Industrial Projects Engineer
Lisa Armstrong Sales Computer Support
Johnnie VanGelderen Director, International Logistics

Quoting: Dillman

Ph. (608) 326-4820 | Fax (608) 326-4962
Sheri Koons Quoting Manager - Dillman (608) 326-4820 x 211 (o)
(608) 306-3794 (m)

Sales: US & Canada

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Sales: International

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Sales: International Agents

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Service: Administration

Ph. (423) 867-4210 | (423) 867-3754 | Fax (423) 867-9761
Daniel Francisco Vice President of Service Department
Shelby Millard Administrative Assistant
Margaret Parker Service Secretary
Rick Costa International Service Manager - Latin America
Ted Glassmire Burner Service Manager
Rick Hodge Service Manager
Chris Johnson Equipment Inspection Manager
Patrick Jordan Control Service Manager
Walter McNamara Electrical Inspection Manager
Chris Williams Service Parts Manager

Service: Technicians

Mark Cain, Jr. Service Technician
Harvey Chapman Service Technician
James Disney Service Technician
Roger Edmondson Service Technician
David Flint Service Technician
Brian Francis Service Technician
Corey Green Equipment Inspection Technician
Casey Holland Service Technician
Josh Holland Service Technician
Chris Huffman Service Technician
Garth Land Welding Inspector
Danny Lovelady Service Technician
Keith Miller Service Technician
Jim Monsivais Service Technician
Mike Nixon Service Technician
Adam Pederson Service Technician
Jacob Ritter Service Technician
Rodney Robertson Service Technician (2nd Shift)
Michael Robinson Service Technician
Don Schell Service Technician
Gary Sexton Service Technician
Chris Smith Warranty Parts Technician
Darvin Yarnell Service Technician

Service: International Technicians

Chris Ashiotis International Service Technician
Emmanuel Germain International Controls Service Technician
Giovanni Alfonso Chaur Herrera International Service Technician
Aris Ierodiaconou International Service Technician
Menno Van Weeren International Service Technician

Service: Burner Technicians

Steve Corcoran Burner Service Technician
Ken Huynh Burner Service Technician
Sam Monsivais Burner Service Technician

Service: Controls Technicians

Randy Byess Controls Service Technician
Jason Chapman Controls Service Technician
Eric Green Controls Service Technician
Brian Groce Controls Service Technician
Benny Harris Controls Service Technician (2nd Shift)
Gene Hensley Controls Service Technician
Michael Holbrook Controls Service Technician
Scott Keller Controls Service Technician
Boe Knowles Controls Service Technician
David Millard Controls Service Technician
Stacy Morrison Controls Service Technician (2nd Shift)
Donnie Robinette Controls Service Technician (2nd Shift)
Chris Simmons Controls Service Technician
David Warlick Controls Service Technician
Steve Youngblood Controls Service Technician

Service: Administration

Ph. (608) 326-4820 | Fax (608) 326-4962
Matt Beisker Service Manager (608) 326-4820 x205 (o)
(608) 306-3314 (m)

Service: Technicians

Tanner Berg Service Technician (608) 306-0589 (m)
Wesley Berg Service Technician (608) 306-3968 (m)
Mike Fredrickson Service Technician (608) 306-0558 (m)
Andrew Gallagher Service Technician (608) 306-1075 (m)
Ivan Rodriguez Service Technician (608) 852-5943 (m)
Steve Winkers Service Technician (608) 306-0598 (m)
Jamie Updyke Service Technician (608) 306-1057 (m)

Parts: Administration

Ph. (800) 251-6042 | (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 867-7609
Larry Johnston Vice President Parts
Mark Gault Parts Manager
Janet LaFevor Administrative Assistant
Travis Sneed North American Parts Sales Manager
Mélanie Goudreau-Ash International Parts Manager (French)
Casey Plemons Parts Projects Coordinator / Collections
Debbie Ridge Receptionist / Customer Service
Nancy Mellem Dillman Parts Sales Manager

Parts: Sales

Walter Bruning Parts Territory Sales
Martin Duggan Parts Territory Sales
Jimmy Engen Parts Territory Sales
Rob Garratt Parts Territory Sales
Tony Martin Parts Territory Sales
Mike McClure Parts Territory Sales
Paul Michaels Parts Territory Sales
Tom Ondo Parts Territory Sales
Greg Painter Parts Territory Sales
Rick Worth Parts Territory Sales

Parts: Technicians

Jarrod Bennett International Parts Technician
Lilly Bonnema International Parts Technician (Russian)
Megan Brock Parts Technician
Andrea Cardoso Parts Technician
Robbie Davenport Parts Technician
Justin Johnston Parts Technician
Martin McCanless Parts Technician
Chip McDaniel International Parts Technician
Michael Phillips Parts Technician
Nathan Stoker Customer Service Representative
Ken Veal 2nd Shift Parts Technician

Parts: Estimators

Fate Thomas Senior Estimator
Heath Smith Estimator

Parts: Expeditors

Ph. (800) 251-6042 | (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 867-7609
Mark Guider Senior Expeditor
Aaron Johnston Expeditor
Branson Nunley Expeditor
Lamar Steele Expeditor

Parts: Administration

Ph. (608) 326-4820 | Fax (608) 326-4962
Nancy Mellem Parts Sales Manager (608) 326-4820 x 266 (o)
(608) 306-0531 (m)
Ph. (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 827-1540
Mark Chambers Controls Director
Beverly Blackburn Administrative Assistant
Mike Bass Controls Chief Engineer
Alan Tahler Product Development & QC Control Manager
Junior Crowe Lead Engineer Database & Applications Group
Brent Pierce Engineering Manager
Mike Plunkett Controls Manufacturing Supervisor
Steve Smith Lead Engineer Support Group
Caleb Wooten Lead Engineer Industrial Products Group
Ph. (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 827-1460
Mike Varner Vice President, Engineering
Gary Catlett Director, Industrial Products
Daniel Edwards Director, Biomass Systems
Earl Edwards Director, Structural Design & New Product Development
Kevin Risley Director, Thermal Systems Design & Research
Catherine Sutton-Choate Director, Environmental Compliance
Derrik Akers Biomass Project Engineer
Seth Castleberry Biomass Systems Manager
Tom Copeland Lead Engineer, Cold Systems
Michael Craig Biomass Project Engineer
Jason Hooker Lead Structural Engineer
Ted Hope Field Engineer
Larry Hudman Field Engineer
Gil Morgan Lead Engineer, Batch Plants, Product Development Engineer
Brad Moore Contract & Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Shannon Putman Director, Burner Group
Bob Reed Lead Engineer, Drum Group
Jeff Richard Electrical Engineer Manager
Tommy Thompson Biomass Project Engineer
Tim Vickers Lead Project Manager
Mark White Lead Engineer, Storage Systems
Chase Walker Lead Engineer, Baghouses, Green Systems
Ph. (608) 326-4820 | Fax (608) 326-4962
Marc Steiber Engineering Manager (608) 326-4820 x 240 (o)
(608) 306-2725
Michael Schlehlein Designer II  
Baghouse & Dust Systems:
Nicholas Lawinger Designer III  
Storage Systems / AGG & RAP Bins / Conveyors:
Ehren Brinkmeier Mechanical Engineer  
Michael Schlehlein Designer II  
Nomads & Voyagers:
Ehren Brinkmeier Mechanical Engineer  
Ph. (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 827-1485
Donna Locklear Human Resources Director
Rachel Slikker Human Resources Generalist
Sandy Branham Human Resources Assistant
Pam Harris Benefits Coordinator
Mark Hogan Safety Director
Ph. (608) 326-4820 | Fax (608) 326-6288
Kim Graf Director of Human Resources