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      4101 Jerome Ave.
      Chattanooga, TN 37407

      Ph. +1 (423) 867-4210
      Fax +1 (423) 867-4636

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      +1 (423) 867-4210

      +1 (423) 867-3754

Chattanooga, TN

Ph. (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 827-1426
Kelly Knight General Manager

Prairie du Chien, WI

Ph. (608) 326-4820 | Fax (608) 326-4962
Kim Graf General Manager

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Chattanooga, TN

Service: Administration

Ph. (423) 867-4210 | (423) 867-3754 | Fax (423) 867-9761
Daniel Francisco Group Director of Service & Construction
Shelby Millard Administrative Assistant
Margaret Parker Service Assistant
Ted Glassmire Product Support Manager (Combustion)
Ted Hope General Service Manager
Rick Hodge Product Support Manager (HMA)
Patrick Jordan Product Support Manager (Control Service)
Chris Williams Service Parts Manager
Steve Smith Control Service Manager

Service: Technicians

James Disney Service Technician
Roger Edmondson Service Technician
David Flint Service Technician
Brian Francis Service Technician
Logan Groce Service Technician
James Hickman Field Service Technician
Casey Holland Service Technician
Josh Holland Service Technician
Randy Kilgore Service Technician
Danny Lovelady Service Technician
Jim Monsivais Service Technician
Adam Pederson Service Technician
Jacob Ritter Service Technician
Rodney Robertson Service Technician (2nd Shift)
Michael Robinson Service Technician
Don Schell Service Technician
Chris Smith Service Parts Technician
Darvin Yarnell Service Technician

Service: International Technicians

Chris Ashiotis International Service Technician
Giannis Ashiotis International Service Technician
Aris Ierodiaconou International Service Technician
Menno Van Weeren International Service Technician

Service: Burner Technicians

Steve Corcoran Burner Service Technician
Sam Monsivais Burner Service Technician

Service: Controls Technicians

Randy Byess Controls Service Technician
Jason Chapman Controls Service Technician
Eric Green Controls Service Technician
Brian Groce Controls Service Technician
Benny Harris Controls Service Technician (2nd Shift)
Gene Hensley Controls Service Technician
Michael Holbrook Controls Service Technician
Scott Keller Controls Service Technician
Boe Knowles Controls Service Technician
David Millard Controls Service Technician
Stacy Morrison Controls Service Technician (2nd Shift)
David Warlick Controls Service Technician
Steve Youngblood Controls Service Technician

Prairie du Chien, WI

Service: Administration

Ph. (608) 326-4820 | Fax (608) 326-4962
Bryant Joy Construction Foreman (608) 326-4820 x200 (o)
(608) 306-0026 (m)
Sheri Koons Administrative Service Coordinator (608) 326-4820 x277 (o)

Service: Technicians

Jake Dettman Service Technician (608) 306-0589 (m)
Mike Fredrickson Service Technician (608) 306-0558 (m)
Andrew Gallagher Service Technician (608) 306-1075 (m)
Ivan Rodriguez Service Technician (608) 852-5943 (m)
Steve Winkers Service Technician (608) 306-0598 (m)
Ph. (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 867-1930
Joe Oswald Director of Supply Chain Management
Ronnie Bowman Purchasing Manager - Chattanooga
Kathy Oium Purchasing Manager - Prairie du Chien
Patsy Agee Administrative Assistant
Patrick Chandler Buyer
Dan Clark Buyer
Micah Colley Buyer
Travis Lewis Buyer
Sharriet Morgan Buyer
Melanie Wood Buyer

Chattanooga, TN

Ph. (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 827-1460
Greg Renegar Group Vice President of Engineering
Mike Varner Vice President, Engineering
Tammie Lewis Assistant to VP Engineering and Sales
Earl Edwards Director, Structural Design & New Product Development
Kevin Risley Director, Thermal Systems Design & Research
Catherine Sutton-Choate Director, Environmental Compliance
Seth Castleberry Biomass Systems Manager
Michael Craig Biomass Project Engineer
Daniel Danley Lead Engineer, Storage Systems
Jason Hooker Lead Structural Engineer
Gil Morgan Lead Engineer, Batch Plants, Product Development Engineer
Brad Moore Contract & Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Bob Reed Lead Engineer, Drum Group
Jeff Richard Electrical Engineer Manager
Tommy Thompson Biomass Project Engineer
Tim Vickers Lead Project Manager
Chris Wade Lead Engineer, Baghouses, Green Systems
Mark White Lead Engineer, Feed Systems and Occupied Structures

Prairie du Chien, WI

Ph. (608) 326-4820 | Fax (608) 326-4962
Lee Ball Project Manager (608) 326-4820 x 201 (o)
(608) 306-0065
Marc Steiber Project Manager (608) 326-4820 x 240 (o)
(608) 306-2725
Ehren Brinkmeier Lead Engineer (Drums)  
Baghouse & Dust Systems:
Nicholas Lawinger Designer III  
Storage Systems / AGG & RAP Bins / Conveyors:
Josh Bloedow Storage Systems  
Michael Schlehlein Designer II  
Nomads & Voyagers:
Ehren Brinkmeier Mechanical Engineer  
New Product Development:
Evan Stewart New Product Development  

Burner Group

Ph. (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 827-1560
Joseph Unjakoti Assistant Director, Burner Group
Mark Smelcer Group Leader
Casey Dillon Mechanical Engineer

Chattanooga, TN

Ph. (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 827-1485
Rachel Slikker Human Resources Manager
Pam Harris Human Resources Coordinator
Jamie Johnson Benefits Coordinator

Prairie du Chien, WI

Ph. (608) 326-4820 (Ext. 237) | Fax (608) 326-4962
Ashlee Kirschbaum Human Resources Manager

Chattanooga, TN

Ph. (423) 867-4210 | Fax (423) 827-1485
Mark Hogan Safety Director

Prairie du Chien, WI

Ph. (608) 326-4820 (Ext. 254) | Fax (608) 326-4962
Andrew Johnson EHS Manager