200 Double Barrel Green Systems for Astec Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 June 2009 08:00
Double Barrel Green System

Astec Inc. of Chattanooga, TN, USA reports that it has sold the 200th Double Barrel Green™ System since it began producing the warm mix system in 2007. The 200th system will be installed at Aggregate Industries' Kirby Road facility in Clinton, Maryland.

Since its introduction, Astec has experienced a phenomenal acceptance of the Double Barrel Green System. Astec founder Dr. J. Don Brock notes that, "acceptance in the field is no less than a green tsunami."

The Double Barrel Green System enables its worldwide network of existing and new plant owners, who are all experiencing rising fuel and liquid asphalt prices, to lower their overall operating costs without sacrificing quality.

Adding the Green System to a Double Barrel® drum mixer allows producers to reduce fuel consumption, increase production, eliminate smoke and smell and use a higher percentage of recycle by producing mix at a lower temperature. The Double Barrel Green System is a major break through in warm mix asphalt technology because it does not require the addition of expensive commercial additives. Instead, water is injected into the mix along with the liquid asphalt cement. The injection of water causes the liquid asphalt to foam and expand in volume. The foaming action helps the liquid asphalt coat the aggregate at a lower temperature.

Instead of using costly additives, the Double Barrel Green System uses water to produce foamed warm mix asphalt that is odorless, smokeless and longer lasting. The system is a major break through in warm mix asphalt technology arena that has been attempting to define a process that provides both the desired "green" benefits of lowered emissions and lower overall production costs. The Double Barrel Green System can be installed on either existing or new Astec Double Barrel drum mixer/dryer units.

The key benefits of the Astec Double Barrel Green System are:

  • There is no smoke and no smell because the light oils in liquid asphalt never reach the boiling point
  • The innovative and patented design utilizes water instead of costly additives to achieve its desired results
  • Due to 50°F lower temperature approximately 14% less fuel is used corresponding to a 14% increase in production
  • Longer pavement life due to less oxidation of the mix and more uniformity of compaction
  • More comfortable and safe environment for workers
  • The Double Barrel Green System has the ability to run high percentages of RAP with a standard grade of asphalt

In 2009, Astec introduced the Green Pac™ Warm Mix System. The Green Pac System can be retrofitted to continuous mix and batch plants from any manufacturer. By offering the Green Pac System, Astec expands the benefits of its exclusive Double Barrel Green™ warm mix system to any asphalt plant owner or operator.